Toys for Autistic Children and Teens

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In this guide we will cover the following kinds of toys:

Keep in mind an autistic person's developmental ability rather than their age.

Buying a toy, gift, or Christmas present for a child or teen on the autism spectrum can be challenging. During the holidays we receive many calls asking our product specialists for gift advice. Based on these questions our product specialists have put together this helpful guide to help you choose the best gifts for kids, teens, and adults on the autism spectrum.

Consider Buying a Calming Gift

Weighted items also make great gifts. These items can be more expensive but can also be an extremely helpful gift that can last for several years. Check out our weighted blankets, and weighted vests. We also offer adorable weighted animals that make great calming and soothing travel companions. Your child will love our cute weighted lap dog, turtle, and weighted teddy bear.

Also, miscommunication and misunderstandings are common for people on the spectrum due to social and communication struggles. Stress, anxiety, and meltdowns can be common. A soothing gift is not only enjoyable but can also make life easier for the whole family. Calming Gift Examples:

Slow, repetitive motion items are very visually engaging and calming. Our most popular visual items include the tranquil turtle that project rippling water across your ceiling. Other popular items in this category include our mini bubble tube and Lunar Lightshow.

Many autistic children and teens enjoy gentle vibrating items like as vibrating pillow.

Weighted items also make great gifts. These items can be more expensive but can also be an extremely helpful gift that can last for several years. Check out our weighted blankets, and weighted vests.

Sensory Gifts Everyone Will Love

Many autistic children,teenagers and adults enjoy sensory toys and products. They can be pleasant distractions when traveling to visit family members or simply for use at home.

Examples of Sensory Gifts:

Is the person visually oriented? If so, great gifts to think about are interesting visual toys such as the Music Lightshow, Lunar Light Show, or light up rail twirler. Our most popular visual toy is the Strobotop.

Does the person seek to touch lots of things? If so think about toys and gifts that are tactile. Good tactile sensory toys feature textures that are interesting to touch. Some popular tactile gifts include the fidget set, Super Sensory Kit, Pin Art, and the Tangle Therapy.

Remember, sometimes less can be more with sensory items. Be careful not to pick a toy that can be overwhelming. It may be better to get something that provides one type of sensory stimulation- tactile, sound, or light. A toy with too much stimulation can cause over-stimulation and stress.

Gifts Sets

For many friends and family they are unsure what to buy. To make gift giving easier our product specialists have created gift sets. Each gift set is based on developmental age and features gifts that have been well received. You can order a gift set and then write a note to your loved one in the customer comment section during checkout. We will print your message on the packing slip. Gift giving has never been easier.

A hallmark of autism is delayed or impaired social skills. The good news is that people of all ages can learn essential social skills with practice. Gift ideas to help with social skills:

Social skills are complex and there are many games that cover a wide variety of scenarios to help kids and teens master them. Some of our favorites include the Hidden Rules Game, What Should I Do Now?, or the Socially Speaking Game.

Learning to recognize emotions and empathize with others is also a vital social skill. Games that can help with this include the Empathy Game, How do You Feel, or the interactive Wood Bear Puzzle Set.

Learning to hold and sustain a conversation is a vital skill. For those who need some support check out the Buddy Talk or Teen Talk. These fun card sets have lots of questions kids can ask their peers to help with conversations.

Some fun books to consider that cover social skills include: Diary of a Social Detective, Dude That's Rude, Making and Being Friends, and for young children Play Power.

A child with language delays who is beginning to notice their peers will do better with simple turn taking board games. Some simple turn taking games that can also help with language development include the Sentence Building Game, photo bingo, or the Smart Kids Social Skills Game Set.

Simple cause and effect toys allow an autistic child to take turns playing with a peer or family member. Cause and effect toys are nice for emerging social interaction because the child is immediately rewarded for a simple interaction.