Learn & Play Teddy

Learn & Play Teddy

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Need help teaching your child about how to get dressed? Our adorable Teddy is sure to become a favorite toy! This adorable teddy bear will help very young children practice buttoning, zipping, snapping, fastening and tying. This is also an ideal way to encourage those with motor difficulties to learn the correct way to fasten and tie garments.

Each piece of clothing on Teddy Wear translates to something the child might wear in the real world. A variety of textures offer sensory exploration and feedback. The strings, buttons, and snaps are all the perfect size for the young child's hand to easily grasp and manipulate. All of Teddy's clothes are brightly colored giving him a cheery, inviting appearance.

This adorable toy is great for encouraging fine motor skills, self help skills, color recognition and more!

Completely washable, this toy is sure to last.

Recommended for children eighteen months and up.

Size: 18"

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