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No Mess Sensory Kit

Item # T-034
Price: $32.99

All our no-cleanup favorites! The No Mess Sensory Kit includes all our top fidgets that won't disrupt your home.

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You asked for it so we created it - a no mess sensory kit. This little kit includes several activities that will tickle your senses but won’t make a mess.

This set includes:

  • Styro Mega Pack - this sticky tactile activity will stick to itself but not to your clothes or carpet. It’s a fun tactile activity that is similar to something like play dough.
  • Slimeez Hand - this tactile toy can stick on the wall, ceiling, or windows. If it starts to lose it’s stick just wash it with soap and water. 
  • Rainbow Pom Ball - this tactile ball is soft and stretchy. It’s also great for relieving stress and keeping fidgeting fingers busy.
  • Stretchy String - this two pack of stretchy string is fun to pull, stretch, and squeeze.
  • Magic Spinner - just flip a switch and watch as lights flash and twirl. This is a great distraction toy for entertaining kids while traveling or going out to dinner.

This set is recommended for kids ages 5 and up.