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What Should I Do Now?

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If you need a relaxed way to teach about social challenges, this fun game is a great choice. Sometimes students are given instructions on how to deal with a difficult situation but they need a more in-depth explanation. The What Should I Do Now? Game will help your students learn problem solving skills for a variety of difficult social scenarios they may face in their daily lives. This game is great for elementary, middle, and high school students.

To play, students read scenarios and then they must write down their response to the scenario given. However, all answers must correspond to the type of response determined by the spinner. For instance, if the spinner landed on "selfish" players should try to think of what the most selfish response would be.

Next, the group leader will read all of the answers anonymously and explain all of the responses. The leader should pick a winner based on whose response most closely matches the prompt and also explain why they chose that answer.

There are no right or wrong answers to the questions on the cards-- the purpose of the game is to facilitate discussion. Remember to take time during the game for players to talk about their feelings, as well as expand on social strategies.

There are 45 situation cards consisting of 25 standard cards, 15 yikes cards, and 5 blank cards. There are also 60 response cards consisting of 44 standard, 11 duplicate, and 5 blank cards as well as a response spinner. This game is designed for students ages 8-18 with 2-6 players at a time.

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