Create beautiful barrages of bubbles with this fantastic light up toy! Everyone will love to watch the bubbles and flashing lights whenever you pull the trigger. Use it in the dark for an enjoyable light show or in the light for simple bubble fun. A great toy for the home, classroom, or clinic that will keep kids entertained for hours! This bubble gun comes with two bottles of bubble and 3 AA batteries so you can immediately start having fun.

This item is great as a reinforcer for your ABA program or a fun inexpensive toy for visually oriented children. Those who struggle with motor skills may be unable to blow bubbles using regular tools, but anyone can enjoy pulling the LED Bubble Gun's trigger and watching the bright display! This sensory resource is a longtime favorite and can bring bubbly fun to wherever you take it.

Recommended for children ages five and up.

Size: 6" x 5" x 2"