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Hammock Swing Kit Black

Hammock Swing Kit

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Teens and adults with autism will love sitting in our comfortable hammock swings. This set includes everything you need to hang it! 

Use it to give vestibular input, provide calming deep pressure, and reduce sensory seeking behaviors. The ample size of the swing can accommodate both kids and adults.

The swing features soft fabric and lots of rope extensions to ensure even weight distribution and comfort. Parents and teachers will appreciate the durability of the swing by the use of heavy duty stitching and reinforced edges, making it tear-resistant. The sturdy spreader bar is made of top-grade bamboo that is FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.

This set includes the swing and hanging kit. The hanging kit is designed and manufactured in Germany with a 4-point suspension hanger that can be installed on any kind of ceiling including: concrete, wood, drywall studs and joists. Installing the swing is quick, simple, and safe. 

Size: 5’11” L x 3’7” W. Weighs 4.2 lbs.

Supports up to 285 lbs.