The Empathy Game

The Empathy Game

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Teach the importance of empathy, how to recognize the feelings of others and build empathy skills in a fun and relaxed game atmosphere. Through play students will learn to take on the perspective of another player, read nonverbal cues, and demonstrate non-verbal cues with lots of lively discussion. Use this game to foster compassion, understanding, and acceptance.

This game encourages players to interpret nonverbal signals as they learn about the various social topics as they draw cards. Cards are designed to provoke discussion, and time should be made during the game to help build players' understanding and compassion. This makes for a great group activity in the classroom, therapy center, and even at home!

To play, each player must have a blank paper, a pen or pencil, and a set of choice cards A-D. The the first player draws a card from the pile. If a Value or Question Card is chosen, the player must place a choice card facedown on the table, selecting A, B, C, or D as an answer to the question. If a Talking Without Words Card is selected, the player must also act out their answer nonverbally!

After the first player has placed their card, all the other players must attempt to answer the card, placing a choice card facedown on the table. However, rather than choosing the answer they themselves would pick, they must try to see things from the first player's point of view and guess which answer they selected. Each correct match is awarded a point! The first person to get 10 points total wins the game.

Of the 40 cards included are 13 emotion cards, 13 value cards, and 14 non-verbal cards. There are also 16 choice cards lettered A, B, C, and D. This game is created for ages 8 & up with 2-4 players per game.

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