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Children with autism will love to explore the Klickity! This sturdy multi-sensory cause and effect toy is so much fun. The bright, colorful presentation and sturdy construction make this item a hit with both caretakers and kids!

Playing with the Klickity is simple and easy. Push down one ball and listen to it click while another ball pops up. Two of the balls click like a pen top when you push them down. Another ball spins as you play with it! Each ball features two bright colors as well as a unique tactile surface. Kids will love to use their fingers to explore bumps, ridges, and waves!

Therapists will appreciate the sturdy base of this toy. It's great for sensory play, developing eye hand coordination, fine motor skills, and cognitive development.

Each ball is covered with textured silicone and features bright kid-friendly colors.

Recommended for children ages two and up.

Size: 8.4 x 8.4 x 7.1 inches

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