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I Can Do It! My Daily Checklist

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This colorful daily checklist uses a simple two column format to help kids keep track of daily activities, chores, and behavior goals.

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Help your kids keep track of the morning, afternoon, and evening responsibilities with the My Daily Checklist chart. This chart allows you to list up to five tasks for each time of the day.

This simple visual support is so easy to use! When you child completes a task they placed a star next to the task in the “I did it” column. The bottom of the chart has a box for each day of the week for you to write in how many stars your child earned. A goal box lets you write in or draw what your child is working for to keep them motivated.

This durable chart is laminated so you can use it over and over again. The sturdy plastic stars easily attach to the chart using hook and loop coins.

This set includes 35 1.5 x 1.5 inch plastic activity squares that have a picture of the task and the name written beneath it. Additional sets of themed activities are sold separately so you can easily expand the use of this chart.

Tasks include: Get Up on Time, Wash Your Face, Take a Shower, Put on Your Shoes and Coat,

Water the Plants, Eat Your Veggies, Put Your Things Away, Take Your Medicine or Vitamin, Set the Table, Get to School on Time, Reading Time, Practice, Put on Your PJ’s, Pack Your Lunch, Pack Your Backpack, Nap TIme , Clean Your Mess, Make Your Bed, Lay Out Your Clothes, Put on Your Shoes and Coat, Brush Your Hair and Teeth, Go Potty, Get Dressed, Free Time, Take Care of the Pets, Exercise, Eat Lunch, Eat Dinner, Eat Breakfast, Do Your Homework, Help With the Dishes, Put Dirty Clothes in the Hamper, Clear the Table, Clean Your Room, Brush and Floss, Go to Bed on Time, and 5 blank labels.

This set includes 1 chart, 35 tasks, 18 stars, and 1 dry erase marker.

Size: 15.5" x 11"