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Lollipopter Spinning Lollipop Tree

Item # 770008
Price: $26.99

The Lollipopter is an amazing visual toy for older kids, teens and adults on the spectrum. An incredible visual treat and socially appropriate for all ages.

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Highly visual kids and teens love the Spinning Lollipop tree. Its fun to watch each level of the lollipops swirl in a succession creating a truly unique visual experience. Each design uses a series of contrasting and complimentary colors to maximize the visual experience.

It comes with a stand and looks elegant sitting on your desk or in your bedroom. This item is recommended for people over the age of nine and would make a great gift for teens and adults on the autism spectrum.

Everyone in our warehouse loves playing with this item. It’s mesmerizing to watch and has become a staff favorite!

Size: 4.5 x 4.5 x 10 inches

Made in Taiwan