The tranquil turtle is a soothing visual toy for kids with autism Tranquil Turtle Calming Autism Sleep Tranquil Turtle Calming Autism Sleep Tranquil Turtle Tranquil Turtle

Tranquil Turtle

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Create a calming underwater effect in your own bedroom with tranquil turtle! With soft lights and comforting sounds, these items are perfect for helping kids relax and go to sleep. Choose between the traditional tranquil turtle or eco green that's made with recycled materials to reduce its carbon footprint.

The visual effects projected by these cute animals are so soothing. With the press of a button, a mesmerizing underwater effect is projected onto the ceiling. Kids will love to watch as waves ebb and flow overhead. Set the lighting effect to move or stay still. Want a darker room? No problem-- easily adjust the brightness with a slide control. Use this item as a night light in your home or put it in the calming area of your therapy center for helping students relax.

While watching the water effect, you have the choice of listening to a tranquil melody or the sound of ocean waves. Best of all, once the user has fallen asleep, this item won't burn batteries. There is an automatic shut off feature that turns the lights off after 23 minutes. If the child wakes during the night, simply press the button again for another soothing light display.

This item requires three AA batteries and is suitable for children over the age two.

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