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What Autism Parents Would Like For You to Know

Jun 11th 2019

It can be easy to see life through your own lens and perspective. As parents with children on the spectrum, there are moments when our lenses as parents may have been misunderstood by those assuming … read more

Finding Success Through Struggle

Posted by Russell Lehmann, award-winning and internationally recognized motivational speaker, poet, author and advocate who happens to have autism on Jun 5th 2019

My name is Russell Lehmann.I have come a long, long way in life. When I was 12, at the height of my distress, I was pretty much non-verbal. I was too afraid of the outside world to speak to anyone oth … read more

Chubuddy, Your Always With You Chew!

Posted by Chris Chu on May 7th 2019

Chubuddy was started in 2011 after several years of struggles finding the right chew for our son. He was chewing through or losing 2-3 chews per week and we were concerned that he was swallowing piec … read more