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BIas or Belief, What Influences Your Autism World?  

Posted by Dr. Rachel C. Morgan on Aug 14th 2019

In today’s virtual world, things are moving so incredibly fast with an overload of information at our fingertips. It has increasingly become more and more difficult to form one’s own beliefs, values, … read more

Guardianship & Supported Decision Making

Posted by Francis Tabone on Jul 18th 2019

Guardianship is something all parents of children with disabilities must face as their child approaches 18 years of age. Guardianship is the legal process for adults who have a clinically diagnosed me … read more

3 Great Ways to Help Your Child Overcome Sensory Issues at the Dentist

Posted by Dr. Greg Grillo ( on Jul 15th 2019

Dentably.comBright lights, loud noises, strange tastes and smells of oral care products, being touched by people; these are all things you’ve experienced at the dentists. For special needs patients, t … read more

What Happens After High School? Preparing for Independence

Posted by Francis Tabone on Jul 10th 2019

Over the past 30 years in working with families and students, the number one question I get asked is: What happens after High School? Parents, students, and educators have legitimate concerns about ho … read more