Social Skills Bingo For Teens

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Do you need a fun new activity to help the teens you work with learn about social skills? The Social Skills Bingo Game for Teens features conversational prompts that will get your students talking and learning about social attitudes and behaviors. A great choice for your home, classroom, or clinic!

With several included bingo cards, this game is perfect for small groups. By combining the fun of a game with practical, educational messages, this set is sure to engage your students. Playing bingo exercises listening skills, critical thinking, and much more!

As they play this game, teens will learn to identify: positive qualities, problem characteristics, nonverbal/verbal techniques, getting along better, and skills to help them positively interact with others.

This game set includes: 16 bingo cards, 5 sets of calling cards, Bingo chips, and a How to Increase Social Skills handout.

In order to play the game you will need a group facilitator and small prizes. This game takes about 45-60 minutes to complete.