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Sirius Vibrating Massage Pillow

Item # 390237
Price: $45.99

This vibrating pillow provides instant soothing vibrations when you squeeze it. Add it to your calming area to help your anxious or overstimulated students.

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Many children with sensory difficulties love soothing vibration. Now you can provide this stimulation with the popular, pressure activated Sirius Vibrating Massage Pillow! It starts vibrating as soon as you squeeze it. Children love to sit on top of the pillow, lean back on it, or hug it to feel the relaxing and calming vibrations.

To turn it off, just remove pressure and the vibration stops. Best of all, there are no cords, remotes, or switches to worry about! Just squeeze and enjoy the vibrations without the worry of complicated operating instructions or switches.

The Sirius Vibrating Massage Pillow features a soft, durable corduroy cover and is foam filled. Gentle vibrations encourage relaxation and work well to calm an over stimulated person. Use it to help people relax and go to sleep.

It is powered by 2 "D" batteries (not included) and is 12" x 12".

So easy to use with no switches, just squeeze and enjoy!

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