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Super Cat

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The Super Cat calming compression tube provides lots of soothing deep pressure to sensory seekers with autism.

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The Super Cat Compression Tube gives you a comforting and gentle hug from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. It fits loosely as a tube and provides the wearer the option to push the fabric with their arms and or legs to increase the compression and deep pressure touch experience. This is a self-directed sensory-rich activity that often results in improved calm and focus. Muscle work combined with deep pressure touch is an experience sensory seeking children and adults crave. It helps them to get to that ‘just right’ place of calm alertness.

The hood is specially designed to keep the face clear of fabric, which allows the person stay aware of people and the surroundings in their environment. The wide opening at the top allows the arms to easily move in or out. You have the choice to keep the bottom open or tie it using the curved contour. Tying the bottom adds resistance for feet to push against, which further intensifies the calming sensory experience.

Teachers and therapists will appreciate the quality fabric and construction of this item, it can be worn and enjoyed by the most active of users. The seams are triple stitched to withstand high intensity resistance. You may machine wash it in cool water, do not use bleach and line dry.

Size based on person’s weight in pounds:
XS 22-45 lbs
S 46-70 lbs
M 71-110 lbs
L 111-160 lbs
XL 161 lbs and over

Made in the USA!
*Always provide appropriate supervision