Weathering the Storm Set Weathering the Storm Set Weathering the Storm Set Weathering the Storm Set Weathering the Storm Set

Weathering the Storm Set

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When challenges arise, the Weathering the Storm Set reminds children that they are never alone. With five adorable mini plushies, a soft, helpful cloud carrying case, and a "Weathering the Storm" hardcover book, this set helps children learn to welcome their emotions, seek support, connect with their inner strength, and become more resilient.

Readers will love exploring the book’s colorful, engaging pictures, as they follow the story of Fox and Lynx who learn how to make it through a tough storm with the help of their friends. The included mini plushies match the characters in the book, making it easy to use pretend play to reinforce concepts. It’s so much fun to act out the story with the included plushies, creating countless opportunities for young readers to explore social emotional topics through play. The adorably soft cloud pillow holds all five plushies for easy access and storage.

Set includes: 5 Slumberkins Mini Plushies (Alpaca, Fox, Lynx, Sprite, and Dragon), Weathering the Storm Book (8” x 10”), and Zip-Up Cloud Pillow (11” x 17”).

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