Spinner Ring Set

Spinner Ring Set

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Our spinner rings have an outer band that spins around the actual ring. Some people call this type of item a fidget ring, worry ring, or meditation ring, but we call them fun. These quiet rings fit comfortably on your finger and provide endless hours of quiet movement that won't distract others.

Use the spinner ring in the classroom as a quiet fidget to help with concentration. Or as a calming item to help with worry and anxiety. Use it as a distraction tool while out in the community or while driving. With minimal characteristics, this piece pairs great with any outfit from everyday wear to business casual, and sits comfortably for all-day use. Whether you need a calming distraction or want a unique simplistic piece, this ring is the perfect balance of entertainment and fashion. The Highly Polished Stainless Steel Spinner Ring is Strong, durable, and doesn't easily break.

Recommended for ages 8 and up. Use with adult supervision.

Stainless Steel

Please note: some colors may vary depending on supply.

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