Preschool Gift Set

Preschool Gift Set

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Our preschool gift set features fun and educational toys that will encourage developmental play and social interaction. This set includes:

  • 2-in-1 Talking Ball: With the flip of a switch, this interactive educational toy says the ABCs and counts to 10, integrating language and arithmetic into playtime.
  • Voice Changer: This item is helpful for encouraging kids to vocalize. The fun auditory feedback makes it a perfect cause and effect toy.
  • Sensory Buckle Pillow: Build fine-motor skills and coordination with the Sensory Buckle Pillow! This sturdy pillow features zippers, lacing loops, and six different real-life clasps to practice.
  • Emotion Moogy Game: Have fun learning to identify emotions and talk about feelings with simple card game.
  • Dimpl: Our most popular cause and effect toy! The sturdy Dimpl features five silicone dimples that feel incredibly satisfying when you push them in and out.
  • Bubble Gun: Create beautiful barrages of bubbles with this fantastic light up toy!
  • Star Spinner: Just flip a switch and watch the five inch star light up and spin creating layers of colored lights.
  • Push and Pull Bus: Pull it back and watch it zoom across the floor - fun cause and effect toy!