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Please note: due to manufacturing difficulties we are unable to ship this item until late September.

The IRiS Qube introduces a fun, new way to interact with your IRiS equipment! This item turns changing the colors of bubble tubes, infinity tunnels, projectors, and more into a fun game. Roll the Qube and see which color is facing up-- that is the color that the items will change to! Clear vinyl pockets on each face of the cube also allow you to insert cards into the faces-- place the names of colors, pictures of objects which are that color, or even create fun games! This is a wonderful way to build cause and effect, color recognition, vocalization, storytelling skills, and so much more.

The optional Recordable Speaker Bundle adds even more sensory fun with auditory reinforcement options. When the Qube is rolled, the speaker will play a recorded clip corresponding to the upward face. Use the speaker to say the name of the color aloud, or create your own games and activities! Great for group play, the Recordable Speaker Bundle can be used to guide students, give instructions, facilitate turn taking, build cooperation, and much more. The only limit is your creativity!


Completely wireless, the Qube operates on a 9v battery, included. Wireless range is 90 feet.

Please ensure you have one or more IRiS-compatible Listeners to use with this product.

8" x 8" x 8"

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