IRiS 60" Bubble Tube & IRiS Qube Bundle

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This IRiS Bubble Tube Bundle includes the IRiS Qube for even more interactive sensory fun! Build cause and effect skills, color recognition, vocalization, patterning, gross motor skills, and more. Discover a whole new way to use a bubble tube with this enriching bundle!

The included IRiS Qube turns the bubble tube’s changing colors into an amazing, interactive game! The Qube’s six sides feature colors corresponding to the bubble tube-- when the Qube is rolled, the bubble tube will change color to match the upward-facing side. Students will love rolling the Qube to see which color the tube will change to next! Once the Qube is rolled, the customizable speaker will announce the color, or any other message you would like to record. Create fun activities, encourage call-and-response, and so much more-- there are so many possibilities with this versatile bundle!

The Qube and the bubble tube communicate using the simple, wireless IRiS system. Both items are compatible with other IRiS systems, allowing you to easily control and synchronize a whole sensory room.

The IRiS Qube is powered by an included internal battery with a wireless connection range of 90 feet. The IRiS Bubble Tube is powered via a standard 110V outlet.

Tube base: 15¾" diameter x 8" H
Tube height: 60"
IRiS Qube: 8" x 8" x 8"