LED Fiber Optic Bundle

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Bring an amazing cascade of tactile light into any space with the LED Fiber Optic Bundle! This visual and tactile sensory experience allows you to touch and hold beautiful strands of flowing light. Each fiber optic strand has no electricity running through it, making them completely safe to touch and manipulate.

Hang the strands for a curtain of light, place them over surfaces for visual interest, or even allow students to hold the bundle of strands in their lap and explore the tactile sensations-- there are so many ways to enjoy this versatile, therapeutic sensory item! Great for helping individuals calm down and relax, these strands of soothing light are also great for encouraging exploration, building vocalization, promoting fine and gross motor skills, and much more. With three options to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect match for your space and needs.

Options include:

987057-C Calming: Slowly pulses through a predetermined pattern of soothing colors.

987057-S Superactive: Includes a wireless 8-button controller allowing users or organizers to change the Fiber Optic Cascade’s color with the flip of a switch. Controller is easily, wirelessly rechargeable with the included Qi charging pad.

987057-IQ IRiS & Qube Bundle: Designed to work with the IRiS Interactive Reward System. Includes an IRiS Qube, which can be synchronized to control the colors of the fiber optic stands. Just roll the cube, and when it stops the fiber optic lights will change color to match the top face! Students will love this added interactive element-- it’s so easy to create games and activities with the Qube! Compatible with the free IRiS app, allowing you to control the color of the Fiber Optics and other IRiS-compatible items from your iphone or ipad. (app requires IRiS+ iConverter, not included)

987057-IC IRiS & iConverter Bundle: Designed to work with the IRiS Interactive Reward System. Includes an IRiS iConverter, which can be used to control your Fiber Optic Bindle and other IRiS equipment from a single iPad, iPhone, or iTouch device with the free iConverter app.

Light Source: 8" H x 6" W x 5" D
Fiber Optics: 78" x 150 strands