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Inclusive Programming For Elementary Students with Autism

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The key to creating a successful inclusion program in your classroom is developing each child’s program individually. It is important to make sure that each aspect of the program is directed by the individual student's abilities and characteristics. Maximize your elementary students’ potential through personalized, effective programs with the help of this award winning guide.

Winner of the Autism Society of America's "Literary Work of the Year Award," Sheila Wagner's book is a perfect guide for creating successful inclusion programs for your students with severe disabilities. With this book’s helpful guidance, you can learn about the inclusion philosophy, assessments, social skills, behaviors, data collection, collaboration and lots, lots, more.

Perfect for professionals or nonprofessionals, this book is written in clear, easy to understand language yet still is packed with extensive knowledge and helpful tips. Filled with practical examples, reproducible worksheets and helpful forms, this is sure to be an indispensable go-to book for teachers, parents, and therapists alike.

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