Autism and Depression: A Workbook for Adolescents and Adults

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In young adults, autism and depression are often diagnosed together– as much as 20% of children and 40% of adults with ASD will also be diagnosed with depression. This accessible guide is designed to help individuals work through managing their symptoms and improving their quality of life in a practical and empathetic way. Written by Katie Saint, a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst and Director of Training at an autism treatment program, as well as Carlos Torres, a coach and therapist for adolescents and young adults with autism, this book is full of exercises and tips to help readers build emotional regulation skills, critical thinking, acceptance, resilience, and more. 

Autism and Depression: A Workbook for Adolescents and Adults uses Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a research-backed and effective method for helping individuals struggling with both autism and depression. With ACT, readers will work to identify their own personal values, and how one can respond to emotions in a constructive rather than destructive way. It is designed to help readers learn how to tolerate unwanted situations as well as identifying how and why these situations may still need to be faced. This book can be used alone, alongside a therapist, or in a group therapy setting to facilitate dialogue and discussion.

75 pages.