Autism & Reading Comprehension

Autism & Reading Comprehension

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Teach the students you work with to comprehend what they are reading with this excellent resource developed by Joseph Porter M.A. Ed., an autism specialist. This curriculum is designed to build upon the strengths we generally see in students with autism. It starts at a low cognitive level in order to develop a work pattern and sense of competence. Ready to use worksheets and easy to use lesson plans will help you create a routine that encourages learning.

This curriculum is designed to be taught with groups of children with expressive and receptive language challenges. Each lesson has a group instruction time, along with lots of question and answer worksheets for individual practice. This book features nine levels of reading that are based on an animal theme.

There are two student worksheets for each of nine animals that are designed to teach observation, conversation and writing skills. Each worksheet has four variations. A helpful appendix with numerous suggestions for complementary activities for each animal theme will help you supplement your lessons with art projects, music, books, and videos.

Teacher Data-Collection Sheets and assessment forms will help you track student’s progress as you reach your IEP goals. This book has an accompanying website so you can download PDFs of every worksheet, lesson plan, visual aid, and assessment form.

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