Behavior Solutions for the Inclusive Classroom

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Behavior Solutions for the Inclusive Classroom is an excellent resource for teachers new to working with special needs students. As general education (inclusion) becomes the preferred placement for special education students, teachers are confronted with behaviors they may not know how to work with. While professionals trained is special populations can easily recognize the common symptoms of sensory needs or avoidance behavior, for many general education teachers this is new territory!

Written by Director of Special Education Peter Gennaro, occupational therapist Beth Aune, and special needs mom and advocate Beth Burt, this book clearly describes common classroom behaviors, possible causes, and how to work with them! General education teachers can quickly reference behaviors and solutions to help them understand what their special student may be trying to communicate and why.

Problem behaviors addressed include:

Out-of-Seat Behaviors
Covering Ears
Hiding or Running Away When Upset
Putting Head Down or "Shutting Down"
Difficulty with Class Work and Homework
Losing Materials and Missing Assignments
Poor Handwriting
Not Following Directions
Saying Rude or Inappropriate Things
Clothing Issues
Difficulty Making Decisions
Excessive Talking
Laughing Excessively or Being Silly
Little or No Eye Contact
Temper Outbursts
And many others!