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Fidget Fun Pack

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Pop, click, snap and zip with the fidget fun pack. Your kids will have hours of finger fiddling fun with the four colorful and engaging fidgets in this set. This set includes:

  • Rainbow Bubble Popper - provides all the satisfying tactile feedback of popping bubble wrap or pressing buttons in one sturdy popper. (Assorted styles)
  • Snap & Click- a sturdy plastic fidget has interlocking pieces that make a slight clicking sound when you bend them. It easily bends into a variety of shapes providing both auditory and tactile feedback for those who play with it.
  • Slimeez Hand - a giant sticky hand that is a fun tactile toy that will stick to a wall, ceiling, or windows but won't make a mess.
  • Zip & Clip - this new fidget features brightly colored zippers you can clip to your wrist for lots of fidgeting fun.

Recommended for ages 5 and up.

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