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Wood Fidget Puzzle

Item # 112639
Price: $3.99

This fun fidget is quiet and sturdy. Use it in the classroom to help students focus.

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You've never seen a fidget like this! Our popular Wooden Fidget Puzzle is made up of twelve interconnected blocks that can be arranged and manipulated into dozens of configurations. Your students will love moving the colorful wooden blocks to help them calm down, concentrate, and relax. This is a perfect gift for someone who craves tactile stimulation, or anyone who needs to fidget.

This is a simple, mess-free item that is still so much fun. There are no detachable parts or sticky surfaces, so kids can easily play with it anywhere! Sliding the blocks into new configurations provides sensory stimulation that is perfect for relieving stress and anxiety, or simply to fulfil the desire to move and fidget.

Each individual 0.5 inch block is connected to the rest via a sturdy elastic cord. The blocks are made of sturdy, sanded wood-- guaranteed splinter-free! This is the perfect fidget for your home, classroom, or therapy center.

This toy is recommended for anyone over the age of three.