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Focus Kit

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Our Focus Kit has the basic tools you need to offer positive focus solutions when students are having trouble concentrating. The goal of this kit is to help you teach students that they can make positive choices to support their learning. Since fidgets can be a challenge in the classroom we've included a Fidgets Are Tools learning kit that includes a social story, poster, visual cue cards and a teacher guide so that you can introduce fidgets to your classroom successfully. 

Movement tools include:

  • Wiggle seat - to provide lots of core muscle movement that won't distract other students.
  • Stretch band- provides a quick heavy work activity to burn off energy quickly.
  • Variety of classroom friendly fidgets and a storage case to help keep fingers busy.

Visual supports:

  • When I Can't Focus Social Story - teaches students that when they are having difficulty focusing they have different options to help regulate so they can concentrate.
  • When I Feel Tired Social Story - illustrates several activities students can do to help their bodies wake up.
  • Fidgets Are Tools Social Story, Poster, and Reminder Cards - teaches students that when learning fidgets are tools to help focus not toys to play with.
  • Desktop Visual timer

This set also includes the following sensory supports:

  • Headphones
  • 5 pound Weighted Lap Pad

We've also included a sturdy plastic storage bin to help you keep everything organized.

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