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Stretchy Frog 12 pack

Item # 400032
Price: $2.99

This is a classic classroom fidget! Five super stretchy frogs will quietly keep fingers busy.

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This is a classic classroom fidget! This set of five super stretchy frogs is great for keeping fingers busy. Bright, kid friendly colors will attract your students and the squishy rubber material feels great in your hand!

Use this affordable set for providing a discreet distraction during the school day or during transitions from one activity to the next. Kids will love the vibrant, tropical hues and the cute froggy design will make anyone eager to play and engage. By providing an outlet for excess energy, these fidgets keep fingers busy while allowing the user to better pay attention to the task at hand.

These frogs are great for keeping on hand for students who tend to lose things. The small, compact size allows students to store them in their pockets to take anywhere! Even if one is lost, they are easily replaceable. 

This set includes five frogs.