Fiber Optic Star Carpet

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Create a galaxy of color and a calming multi sensory experience with our LED Fiber Optic Star Carpet! This complete set includes the carpet, light source, and a touch pad so that your students can change the color of the stars. This is an interactive multi-sensory experience that your students will enjoy for years.

Teachers and therapists will appreciate the high quality of this carpet. It is manufactured using high quality Vorwerk carpet and PMMA optical fiber woven into the pile.

These fiber optics contain no glass, and are completely safe for your students to touch or sit in! The fiber optics transmit light but the carpet itself does not heat up or use electricity.

You can lay this carpet on the floor or mount it to the side of the wall.

Give your students the Sensory Color Pad and let them change the color of the stars with the press of a color coordinated button. Or change the setting and the color pad can start and stop color cycling on any color. This pad includes a rechargeable wall mount so that when you are done, you can easily re-charge it for the next use.