Fiber Optic Jellyfish for Sensory Rooms Fiber Optic Jellyfish for Sensory Rooms

Fiber Optic Jellyfish

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This mesmerizing sea creature is a perfect addition to any sensory room! The Fiber Optic Jellyfish features 150 radiant fiber optic tentacles for users to view, touch, and explore. This item provides a wonderful tactile and visual treat that easily provides calming stimulation. Just step under the jellyfish and enjoy a dazzling display of light and color!

The fiber optic lights contain no electricity, making them perfectly safe for users to touch and manipulate. The mirror below creates the illusion that the shimmering lines of light continue into the floor!

Choose between three versions of the Fiber Optic Jellyfish to suit your needs. The Calming model slowly pulses and changes colors automatically. The Superactive model includes a controller to manually change the light’s colors, and can also be set to auto change. The IRiS model is fully compatible with other IRiS products, and is fully compatible with the iConverter to allow users to control the Jellyfish using apple devices.

Size: 16" H x 34" W x 11" D


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