Circular LED Fiber Optic Shower

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Due to the Coronavirus this product will have a delayed ship date of at least three weeks.

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Experience an amazing tunnel of vertical light with this cutting edge sensory item! The Circular Fiber Optic Shower envelops you in a ring of over 150 shimmering Fiber Optic Strands, creating an amazing sensory experience for people of all ages. This item is a great addition to any sensory room and is highly recommended for special needs classrooms and therapy centers.

There are so many ways to enjoy the Circular Fiber Optic Shower! The Fiber Optic Strands are completely safe for users to touch and explore, providing additional tactile sensations. Or, help users calm down by sitting or lying down and watching the gentle lights. The acrylic mirror creates the impression that the strands of light continue upwards into the ceiling, enveloping users in a tall column of mesmerizing light!

Choose between the Calming Model or the Superactive Model for just the right amount of stimulation for you!

The Calming Model slowly changes colors automatically, making it the perfect place to relax and view the shifting hues.

The Superactive Model includes a wireless controller, allowing users to change the colors manually for added interaction. This controller has a range of 90 ft and is easy to recharge with the included wireless charging pad!

The Circular Fiber Optic Shower is 4’ in diameter-- large enough to accommodate a wheelchair or standing frame-- and requires a ceiling height of at least 9’. The Shower plugs into a standard 110v outlet with low voltage and an included transformer.

We can also manufacture a drop ceiling version of this item for your facility.