Fiber Optic Corner Shower for Sensory Rooms Fiber Optic Corner Shower for Sensory Rooms Fiber Optic Corner Shower for Sensory Rooms Fiber Optic Corner Shower for Sensory Rooms

Fiber Optic Corner Shower

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Users will love the gentle stimulation provided by this amazing sensory item! The Fiber Optic Corner envelops you in a shower of shimmering light and color for a visual experience unlike any other. With the included mirror, users can enjoy looking up to see the strands of light continue into the ceiling! Touch and explore the fiber optic lights or simply relax and enjoy the dazzling visuals.

The efficient design of this item allows it to easily fit into the corner of your sensory room, making it a great option for spaces that can’t accommodate a larger free-standing units. There is enough space inside to fit a wheelchair or standing frame.

Choose between calming and superactive models to get just the right amount of stimulation!

The Calming Fiber Optic Corner features lights programmed to gently change colors on their own.

The Superactive Fiber Optic Corner includes an added remote for manual or automatic color changing effects. This remote can be recharged wirelessly on the included charging pad!

The IRiS Fiber Optic Corner can be used in tandem with and synchronized to any other IRiS products.

This item works well in tandem with the stimulating Bubble Tube!

The Fiber Optic Corner Shower measures 45” on each side with a 45” radius.  The fiber optic strands extend approximately 6 feet down from the bottom surface of the shower, so it should be mounted at least 7 feet off the floor.  

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