Fiber Optic Cascade Wall for Sensory Rooms for kids autism. Fiber Optic Cascade Wall for Sensory Rooms for kids with special needs. Fiber Optic Cascade Wall for Sensory Rooms for kids with special needs.

Fiber Optic Cascade Light Wall

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Bring a magnificent shower of light into any room with the Fiber Optic Cascade! This sensory item creates a beautiful curtain of illuminated fiber optic strands to watch and manipulate. Perfect for helping individuals calm down and relax, each fiber optic strand has no electricity running through it, making the strands completely safe to touch and explore. It’s amazing to watch the colorful light dance between your fingers as you immerse yourself in this unforgettable sensory experience!

Easily accessible for wheelchair users with a swiveling, wall-mounted bracket, the Fiber Optic Cascade is perfect for individuals or groups. Mount this item on a wall or doorway for a beautiful curtain of light perfect for sensory rooms and other calming spaces! Three unique options allow you to select the perfect Fiber Optic Cascade for your space and needs.

A sturdy cantilever mounting bracket allows you to reposition the cascade so that it hangs flush against the wall or swings out so your clients can walk through it. This provides a wonderful sensory and tactile experience for students with special needs and autism.

The PMMA fiber optics are manufactured in the UK  and meet both CPSIA and EN71 toy standards. Teachers and therapists will appreciate the high quality design of this unit.  You have your choice of two sizes:  39” x 78” with 90 strands of light or 47" W x 78" L with 108 strands of light. Order several units to create light dividers in your room.

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