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Choice Board Autism

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Do you need a versatile new tool for your early intervention program or special needs classroom? Teachers and therapists will love to use our trifold Choice Board to help students with autism.

This board displays cards visually, making it easy for kids to look at and interpret. Pre-arrange clear, colored symbols and words on each surface and turn for quick transition between activities. Use the board to improve literacy skills, help with sequencing, accommodating sentence strips, or as a choice board. There are so many ways to use this item, and it is easily adaptable to a variety of therapeutic and educational activities.

This useful choice board can be used flat or as a triangle. The self-standing board made of VELTEX Brand loop-fabric is designed to easily integrate into your current PECS program. Use both sides for up to six 4 x 16 inch surfaces!

Can be stored flat; folds to triangular position with hook and loop closure.

Size: 4 x 4 x 16 inches

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