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Our autism toys help a child build essential developmental skills as they play. They are safe, durable, and work well in the home, classroom, or therapy center. Use them to build verbal expression, social skills, fine motor skills and more as you play together. We accept purchase orders from schools and hospitals in the US and Canada.

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Autism Toys: Tips for Choosing a Great Gift
Most kids on the spectrum enjoy sensory toys. Is your child with autism visually oriented? If so think about interesting visual toys. Motion lamps, liquid timers, and tops are often pleasing and make great special needs toys. Does your child seek to touch lots of things? If so think about toys that are tactile. Good tactile toys for children with autism must be durable and interesting to touch. Some popular choices include massaging pillows, fidgets, and fabric items with lots of textures like the sensory pillow or textured squares.

Cause and Effect Toys:
Children who interact very little with other people can benefit from cause and effect toys. These toys teach that our actions can cause something in the environment to change. They also work well for introducing the idea of turn taking and can create opportunities for positive interactions with autistic children and their family.

Developmental Ability
It may be appropriate to give toys that are at a younger developmental age. Some children may be in grade school, but have developmental skills at a preschool level. A child who is beginning to notice their peers will do better with simple turn taking board games. Some games like the How Do You Feel Game also have the bonus of introducing more than just turn taking. In this case children are also introduced to the concept of emotions. Does your child have difficulty holding a pencil or buttoning a shirt? Simple fine motor toys that are fun can also help them develop these essential skills.

Toys Can Help with Social Skills and Language
Children learn through play. Play is essential for teaching social skills and language. We offer a wide selection of social skills games that are fun to play and can help develop this vital skill.

We hope these tips have been helpful for you. If you have any questions about choosing a gift for your autistic child feel free to contact us!