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Hammerhead - Conflict Resolution & Self Regulation

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When conflict comes teach kids how to take a breath, calm down, and make things right.

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Conflict resolution skills are important for us all. It's difficult to resolve conflict constructively when feeling intense emotions. This set is designed to teach kids how to use mindfulness techniques to self regulate their bodies so that they can calm down and think.  Direct instruction using mindfulness practices is an evidence based practice that works well in both the home and classroom. Use this set to build empathy, resiliency, and self regulation skills. 

This set includes:

  • A soft plush of Hammerhead that kids can use to practice self regulation skills and role play with.
  • A beautifully illustrated book. In the book Hammerhead learns that feeling upset or mad is not bad. What is important is take time to calm down so that he can use his words to express feelings and needs. Children will enjoy learning with Hammerhead how to use deep breathing to help calm down when feeling mad. 
  • An affirmation card that can work as a visual reminder and self regulation practice exercise.

Recommended for ages three and up.