Early Childhood Sensory Set Early Childhood Sensory Set Early Childhood Sensory Set Early Childhood Sensory Set Early Childhood Sensory Set

Early Childhood Sensory Set

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The Early Childhood Sensory Set features several of our most popular toys that are designed to gently stimulate the senses. Use this set to create a calming corner in your home or classroom. It will provide sensory stimulation to work on sensory integration, build fine motor skills and more. This kit includes the following:

  • Weighted Wolf- our cuddly wolf features two pounds of calming weight. Place it on the lap to help with focus or carry it from center to center for a heavy work activity.
  • Tranquil Turtle - this multi-sensory toy combines lights that project ocean waves and gentle music designed to calm and sooth. You can adjust the brightness of the lights and sound level to meet the needs of the most sensory sensitive. This is an excellent item to add to a sensory tent or calming corner.
  • Drizzle Bucket - this bucket features highly tactile Drizzl that stretches and is moldable like playdough, but never dries out. It also has a variety of plastic bug pieces kids can use to build fine motor skills.
  • Light Up Bubble Gun - this is a visual treat for your students. It's also a fun way to teach kids cause and effect as well as turn taking.
  • Slide Whistle - for the sound sensitive it is helpful to introduce sound exercises that allow them to control the volume. Our wood slide whistle features a warm tone that is more tolerable.
  • Flarp - your students will have some tactile fun and make silly "Flarp" noises at the same time.

 Recommended for ages three and up.

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