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Flashbot Kit

Item # 801120x
Price: $55.99

The Flashbot flashcard robot is an educational toy that kids will love! Feed a card into the mouth to see the answer!

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Flashbot the flashcard robot makes learning fun! This amazing educational toy breathes new life into flashcard learning-- kids will love to feed a card into the mouth to see the answer! By allowing kids to self-correct, Flashbot allows students to learn independently and check their own answers. 

Using Flashbot is so easy! Just feed a flashcard into the mouth, and it will magically flip it for you-- no batteries required! This helpful learning friend is a welcome addition to any home or classroom. Use for group activities or solo instruction for a whole new way to learn with flashcards!

With each kit, you receive the Flashbot, 20 demonstration cards, and two additional card decks. Each deck includes 3 sets of cards with 3 different difficulties, allowing students to challenge more difficult material at their own pace. Cards are printed on sturdy cardstock and feature glossy, full-color images. Use alone or alongside the Flashbot for a fun, engaging teaching tool. This is a great activity for building vocabulary, literacy, and quick recall skills! 

Choose from the following Sets:

  • Phonics: Work on decoding blends, vowel sounds, syllables, and consonant vowel consonant(CVC).
  • Spelling: topics include s, es, suffixes, prefixes, and root words.
  • Word Recognition: Learn vocabulary words for topics such as food, objects, and animals and identify irregular verbs, proper tenses, and active vs. passive verbs.
  • Comprehension: Differentiate between simile and metaphor, interpret idioms, and learn about words with multiple meanings.
  • Deluxe: Choose the deluxe set and get all six sets of cards along with your Flashbot.

Each deck includes 3 decks of 54 cards, 162 total cards per deck.

Standard set includes Flashbot, 20 demonstration cards, and 2 card decks. The deluxe set includes: Flashbot, 20 demonstration cards, and 8 card decks.

Recommended for ages four and up.