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Fraction Fortress

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Fraction Fortress is an exciting game designed to help students develop their understanding of fractions through interactive, multi-sensory play. The included 3D tiles enable players to visualize fractions, compare equivalent fractions, and manipulate fraction parts to form a whole as they build their own fortress. This set is a great choice for those who struggle to visualize fraction relationships. In addition to their use in the game, the included fraction tiles are also engaging manipulatives that are easily incorporated into other learning activities.

Fraction Fortress can be played with two to four players. To play, separate the fraction tiles into color groups and give each player an orange base circle, which serves as the fortress foundation. Players take turns spinning the built-in spinner and adding the indicated fraction tile to their fortress. Players can’t build the next layer of the fortress until the one beneath it has been made whole– if you have ¾ of your layer full and draw a ½ tile, it won’t fit! When no more fraction tiles can be used by any players, the game stops, and the players count their fortress layers– the player with the highest stacked fortress wins!

Recommended for ages 6 and up.

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