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Life Skills Math Workbooks

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This series uses real life scenarios to help students build essential everyday math skills.

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The Life Skills Math workbooks are designed to give students practical experience using math in the real world. Students will learn to use math to pay bills, shop online, use a credit card, shop for the best buy, and stay on budget.

Each workbook features high interest lessons, photographs and illustrations, word definitions, and practical math activities designed for students ages 11 and up. Word problems cover adding and subtracting money, multiplying and dividing money, figuring percentages, working with large numbers, and more. This life skills program will help students master math skills that are essential to everyday life! Each book includes an answer key.

Each workbook includes word problems based on common daily situations. Students will solve them using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The word problems progress in difficulty. A glossary section at the end of each workbook includes activities that serve as a review or may be used as a pre or post test.

Each workbook is 62 pages.

Purchase the whole set or choose from the following individual workbooks:

Credit Card Math
Students will learn what a credit card is, how to apply for one, a credit score, how to read a statement, and what it means to use a credit card responsibly.

Bank Account Math
Students will learn about bank accounts, what they are, how to use a debit card, read an account statement, do online banking and responsibly use a bank account.

Budget Math
Introduce students to the role that money handling plays in all areas of a person's life, while reinforcing basic math skills through a variety of problem solving exercises.

Bargain Math
This workbook gives students tools to become smart shoppers by introducing them to various ways to save money if they shop wisely. Specific kinds of bargains are highlighted throughout the book giving them lots of practice in recognizing and computing savings.

Checkbook Math
Students will read short word problems based on common scenarios they will face in real life, write checks for money spent, record transactions, and keep track of their balances. This book also includes extra checks and registers.

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