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Anxiety Management Kit

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Our Anxiety Management kit is part of our Behavior Box series. This kit contains several calming items along with visual supports to help students learn to use a variety of anxiety management strategies independently.

This kit includes:

  • A simple social story comic on anxiety suggesting several calming activities a student can use to help manage their stress response.
  • A 1234 Relax Set that is designed to teach a simple progressive relaxation technique. This kit includes a mini poster, reminder cards, and stress ball.
  • A Calming Choices Chart please see here for more information.
  • A Calming Choices Flip Cards please see here for more information.
  • A Weighted Shawl that will provide calming deep pressure across the shoulders, legs, and trunk when needed.
  • A Vibrating Neck Pillow - you have the choice of a puppy or unicorn style.
  • 1 Ooze Tube that is perfect for a mindfulness moment.
  • Storage Container
  • Instructions

Recommended for ages 5 and up.

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