Worry Control Game

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The Worry Control Game uses evidence based practices of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help your students manage stress and anxiety. Evidence based practices include:

  • Education about anxiety treatment by looking at situations that trigger anxious feelings and self talk.
  • Relaxation strategies to help calm bodies including muscle relaxation, deep breathing, visualization, and mindfulness.
  • Cognitive restructuring to change unproductive self-talk with realistic thoughts to manage anxious emotions.
  • Identifying times when anxiety was absent to help students repeat what has worked in the past.

This game can has rules for both cooperative play and competitive game play depending on the needs of your students. Both styles involve reading various scenarios and choosing a power on, pause, or relaxation strategy to manage it. (They can POWER ON for positive self-talk; PAUSE and either act out or describe a relaxation technique; or REWIND and describe a time in the past when they overcame a similar worry or stress.)

Recommended for students ages 6-12.

Size: 10" x 6" x 2"