Weighted Neck Wrap 3 lbs

Wipe Clean Weighted Neck Wrap

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Looking for a wipeable weighted item for special needs students? Our wipeable weighted neck wrap is calming and soothing for kids and teens with autism and sensory needs. Simply place this wrap around the neck for instant soothing deep pressure. The horseshoe shape is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably around the neck, allowing users to wear the wrap easily while engaging in other activities.

The glitter gel introduces an additional visual and tactile component, making this wrap a wonderful sensory experience. Students can push and squish the gel as they watch the glitter move around. Use this wrap to help calm and focus a wiggly student, or add it to your calming area to help manage anger or anxiety. It makes a great addition to any classroom or therapy room.

Our three pound weighted neck wrap is made of sturdy vinyl and filled with glitter gel, making it easy to wipe clean and use with more than one student. 

Length 8" x 12"

Optional washable blue cover also available.

Recommended for ages five and up.

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