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Wipe-Clean Weighted Blanket

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The Wipe-Clean Weighted Blanket features waterproof, breathable, tear resistant, anti-microbial fabric that is soft and comfortable. Finally a truly wipe-able weighted blanket hospitals and therapists have been waiting for is now available. This blanket is designed NOT to be washed. You can wipe it clean with neutral soap or fabric safe cleaner. You can disinfect blood contamination using a 1:10 dilution of household bleach as recommended by the CDC without worrying about harming the fabric.

Designed by an OT with over 20 years of practice you can be confident the Wipe-Clean blanket is designed according to research and best practices.

It features a neck cut out so that weight can lie comfortable across the shoulders without bunching up around the neck. It is sized appropriately so weight is distributed across the body and not the bed. Individual weight pockets are evenly distributed so that the weight is even across your body. Industrial stitching means this blanket will last with years of use.

This is a perfect solution for hospitals, classrooms, clinics, or therapy centers. It works well for those who wet the bed often and need something truly waterproof.


XS 5 Pounds 32" x 36" 3 Years and Up 

Small 8 Pounds 36" x 42" 3 Years and Up 

Medium 12 Pounds 42" x 62" 6-10 Years & Up  

Large 16 Pounds 54" x 80" 11-15 Years & Up  

XL 25 Pounds 57" x 90" 16 Years to Adult  

Please note this item is not recommended for people who have decreased strength due to age or illness. This item is not designed to be a restraint device. A client must be able to take the blanket off independently.

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