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Classic Weighted Shoulder Wrap

Item # 410131
Price: $49.99

Provide gentle, calming pressure right where kids and adults need it with this great weighted wrap. Durable, comfortable, and effective!

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Do you have a student with special needs who craves calming pressure? The Classic Weighted Shoulder Wrap features three and a half pounds of soothing weight. A great choice for use at home, in the special needs classroom, or at a therapy session.

This item is sewn with a fitted design that allows it to lay flat against the shoulders, providing therapeutic pressure. Gentle, consistent pressure has been proven to help many with both anxiety and attention trouble. Use it to help your students calm down and focus.

Therapists will appreciate the durable design of this product. It is triple stitched and has an additional fabric reinforced edge on the inside of the inner curve of the wrap. It is constructed of 100% cotton fabric and weighted with nontoxic PET pellets that are BPA and phthalate free. This durable shoulder wrap is sure to last through years of use in your program.

Weight: 3.5 pounds