SleepTight Weighted Blanket with Neck Cut Out

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$135.99 - $295.99
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Size Weight Dimensions Age  Price
XS 5 Pounds 32" x 36" 3 Years and Up $135.99


8 Pounds 36" x 42" 3 Years and Up $159.99
Medium 12 Pounds 42" x 54" 6-10 Years & Up $194.99
Large 16 Pounds 54" x 72" 11-15 Years & Up $239.99
XL 25 Pounds 58" x 80" 16 Years to Adult $295.99

Calming down enough to go to sleep is difficult for many people. Our most popular weighted blanket is the therapist designed Sleeptight. It features soft but durable materials and heavyweight stitching for years of use. We offer sizes for kids, teens, and adults. Please refer to the chart above to choose the correct size. It is generally recommended that it weigh around 20% of the user's body weight. 

Designed by an Occupational Therapist with over 20 years of experience working with people on the autism spectrum, the Sleeptight has several unique features. Its sewn with a curved neck cut out at the top allowing it to contour over the shoulders and under the chin without bunching up around the neck. Note: please never place the blanket over the face.

In order to concentrate the calming deep pressure on the body this blanket is intentionally designed smaller than a regular blanket so that the weight is distributed across the body rather than the bed. Often weighted blankets are made incorrectly. They are too large and distribute the weight across the bed instead of the user making them ineffective.

You can choose from a durable cotton fabric or corduroy. Both styles are incredibly sturdy- it won't rip or tear over time.

We also sell both waterproof and soft covers. You can view them here.

Unlike other weighted products worn during the day that have time limitations, you can use this product all night or it may be taken off after the person falls asleep. Since a weighted blanket provides additional warmth, you may want to keep room temperatures at level that prevents wearers from overheating.

Colors available: Navy Corduroy, Buckskin Corduroy, Blue Waves with Navy Blue on back.

Please note this item is not recommended for people who have decreased strength due to age or illness. This item is not designed to be a restraint device. A client must be able to take the blanket off independently.