Weighted Washable Blanket

Weighted Washable Blanket

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Product Details

Parents and teachers will appreciate the durability of this item: it’s made to last! It features durable heavy duty stitching. The weight is evenly distributed through the blanket with individual sewn squares. Unlike other varieties on the market, this one won’t begin to leak weight if it’s dropped or used consistently.

It’s filled with nontoxic poly pellets so you can easily wash it as needed.

Please refer to the weight chart below to find the appropriate size. Available in Navy only.

Size Dimensions Weight
XS 30" x 40" 5
Small 36" x 48" 5
Medium 42" x 56"  7
Medium 2 41" x 60"  10
Large 41" x 72"  15
XL 56" x 76" 25

Please note this item is not recommended for people who have decreased strength due to age or illness. This item is not designed to be a restraint device. A client must be able to take the blanket off independently.

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