Underwater Adventure Room Bundle

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Get ready for aquatic sensory fun with the Underwater Adventure Room Bundle! This set includes everything you need to create a sensory space users of all ages will love to explore. Watch swimming fish and rising bubbles, touch vibrant fiber optic strands, listen to soothing underwater sounds, and so much more!

The items in this set have been specifically chosen to provide a calming space full of enriching sensory activities. Explore the visual, tactile, and auditory sensations or just lie down and relax!

Choose between three options to find the perfect bundle for your space! Calming, Superactive, and IRiS options change the room experience to fit your specific needs. The Calming Bundle features synchronized lighting that pulses slowly through a predetermined color pattern for a serene, relaxing atmosphere. The Superactive Bundle includes an added controller, allowing users or organizers to change colors at the push of a button. The IRiS Bundle allows for control of elements individually or as a group, and iConverter compatibility means you can easily control the whole sensory room from a single ipad or iphone with the free IRiS app! The IRiS Bundle can also be easily expanded with any IRiS compatible sensory items.

This bundle includes:
1 – 60” Bubble Tube (Calming, Superactive, or IRiS)
1 – Curved bubble tube platform (36” x 36” x 16”h)
1 – Bubble tube mirror pair (36” x 48”)
1 – Fiber Optic Jellyfish (Calming, Superactive, or IRiS)
1 – Fiber Optic Anemone (Calming, Superactive, or IRiS)
1 – Aurora projector with wheel rotator
1 – Tropical Fish effect wheel
1 – Under the Sea effect wheel
1 – Bookshelf sound system
2 – Sea-based CDs (“Song of the Whales” and “Surf Song”)
1 – Set of swimming fish (added to the bubble tube)
2 – Fish decals sets (6 total fish – 3 Sturgeon and 3 Harlequin fish)
1 – Bubble tube BCB water treatment (maintenance)
1 – Bubble tube pump and hose kit (maintenance)
1 – Bubble tube bracket (safety)

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