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Premium Sensory Room

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Our Premium Sensory Room Bundle includes everything you need to build a high-quality  sensory space for users of all ages! Each item in this set has been specifically chosen to provide a calming atmosphere full of enriching sensory activities. Watch colorful, lit-up bubbles in the bubble tube, touch mesmerizing lines of light with fiber optic strands, listen to calming sensory sounds with included CDs, enjoy vibrant scenes from the aurora projector, and much more! Soft floor padding and an included padded bubble tube platform makes this room super comfy for sitting and lying down in. 

This premium bundle is designed for easy set-up while providing tons of visual, auditory, and tactile experiences to explore. Use the room as a simple calming area or to build vital developmental skills such as vocalization, creativity, self-regulation, pattern recognition, and more. Encourage engagement with interactive, color-changing elements perfect for building cause and effect skills! 

The items in this bundle are designed to easily slot into the corner of any standard room with simple, easy installation.

This bundle includes:

1 x Superactive LED Bubble Tube 60" & 9 way Wireless Controller

1x Square Bubble Tube Platform - Large 48" W x 48" L x 16" H

1x Bubble Tube Acrylic Mirror Pair - 48" x 48"

1x BCB - Bubble Tube Additive

1 x Bubble Tube Pump and Hose

1 x Bubble Tube Bracket

1 x Projector Bundle, including Aurora LED Projector, wheel rotator and 3 effect wheels (Firework Bonanza, Under the Sea and a blank wheel, subject to availability)

5 x Calming Sounds CDs

1 x Superactive LED Fiber Optic Bundle (includes Superactive LED Lightsource, Strands and 8-way Wireless Controller)

2 x Soft Wall Padding - 48" x 48"

3 x Soft Floor Padding - 48" x 48"

1 x LED Calming Fiber Optic Softie, including fiber optics and lightsource

1 x Mirror Ball Bundle, including a 10" mirror ball with motor and a pinspot with a 4 color wheel

1 x Installation Instructions


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